ZENDO GARAGE: The indigo dye vat



It took 7 dippings to get it to the nice deep indigo blue I was after (click on image for a closer view).  Indigo doesn’t dye into the fabric like most dyes, it attaches itself to the fiber. When I submerged the jacket, I had the breast pocket sewn on. I removed the pocket after the dyeing process and that gave me the ghost pocket silhouette.

The boro (Japanese for rags) are  vintage textiles that have been hand stitched and reused for generations.


The fabric is dyed to a blue black with a dusty indigo blue pocket  (click on image for a closer view).

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3 comments on “ZENDO GARAGE: The indigo dye vat

  1. indiaNa says:

    kinda sweet, peeling off the pocket to reveal the ghost behind…

  2. […] ‘ghost pocket’. Gabriel sews and dyes these himself and each one is unique. Check out Gabriel’s wonderful website and blog to learn more about his thinking and process behind the jacket and other textile constructions. […]

  3. Gabriel Russo Clothing says:

    Reblogged this on GABRIEL RUSSO CLOTHING.

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