He swears, he meditates, he’s east, he’s west, creative, political, sophisticated, simple… meet men’s clothing designer Gabriel Russo, born in Brooklyn, the son of a pocket maker. In just moments you’ll feel you’ve known him all your life. If you’re nearby, he’ll invite you into his studio, sell you a shirt and tell you a story.

Gabriel embraces the past with a passion and generously shares it through every project and most conversations. His clothing creations reflect a day gone by that honor hard work and detail, yet manifest as fully up to date.

Through humor and deep reflection, Gabriel navigates through life searching for character, meaning, and answers with a deep respect for where things come from.


LIVING ON THE SELVEDGE: The Ghost collection at the Mondavi center UCDavis

The ghost collection came about with the salvaging of vintage jackets. The measured hand of the tailor still haunts the internal linings of these jackets. When corrections were neccessary on the building of these jackets,  a tailor might grab any fabric that was available when he/she came across a problem that needed mending, like a carpenter fixing a broken dovetail or any other joinery problem, these usually remained unseen. This is the hidden beauty that lives beneath the lining. I can see the formed silhouette of the jacket that still holds the shape of the purchaser. I’ve found old notes in seams where pockets have frayed away like messages in a bottle that drifted ashore.

This collection needed to come alive. The dancer Folawole performed at the Mondavi center back in February of this year wearing the Ghost collection.