STOREFRONT LAB: 7/23 – 8/12

I’m excited to be part of a project in San Francisco called Storefront Lab. The project is located at 337  Shotwell in the Mission and is spearheaded by my friend Scott Constable of  Storefront Lab, an experiment about community engagement, will be transformed into a workshop and weekly retail venue featuring Deep Craft goods now under development.

I’ve been invited to create clothing that responds to the idea of a pop-up conceptual ‘board shop’ along with a group of Scott’s friends who will contribute a variety of other handmade products.  Storefront Lab will be open to the public on three consecutive Saturdays between July 23 and August 12. Things ranging from skate/surf/bike-related goods to clothing, housewares, jewelry and graphics will be made collaboratively during weekday working hours. Scott has invited guest chefs to prepare food for public Saturdays, when he will offer  limited production wares and products for sale to the public. Scott has also invited several of his artist friends dispersed around the country to produce 2D works that loosely interpret the idea of ’seascape’ to hang on the walls. Come check out Storefront Lab!


Wardrobe for Utamaro: Clothing for the floating world (Ukiyo-e)

Kitagawa Utamaro (ca. 1753 – October 31, 1806) was a Japanese printmaker and painter, who is considered one of the greatest artists of woodblock prints (ukiyo-e).  He is known especially for his masterfully composed studies of women, known as bijinga.

A continuing series of posthumous clothing for this artist

Indigo dyed vintage circa 1940’s

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